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History Jstor and chill? Sports Other There are other sports? Charity Click here before posting. There is nothing wrong with getting a little help. Can any delivery pizza places compete with Pizza Hotline prices? My family is pretty large and we usually like to get four XL pizzas. Does anyone know of a delivery place with similar prices and good pizza? IMO their pizza is better than pizza hotline. That should get you 3 or 4 dishes and fried rice. I usually order from Jumbo Pizza if I want to change things up from the pizza hotline experience.

Can get a couple good sized pizzas with a fair amount of toppings on them, includes a 2L soft drink for roughly bucks. I would order maybe a medium just to try it out first, as it isn't for everyone. I don't mind it or the sub-par service, because I'm paying for a cheap alternative. Pizza tastes good the next day. Pizza hotline has a tendency to give people the runs if you try to eat the leftovers the following day, seems like it has something to do with the cheese. Former pizza hotline delivery driver, all the ingredients I've seen used are name brand.

Or bought at a nearby grocery store if we ran out in high demand. The only thing that is made by pizza hotline is the spices and yeast packets for the dough. The cheese is dairyland, barbecue sauce is a1, pineapples come in green tins that you see at every other pizza place.

The only reason they are cheaper is the drivers work for slave wage as well as the cooks. I still like Pizza Hotline, we're just looking to change it up a little. Thanks for the info! I find with what I usually order the prices at Pizza Pizza are so close as to make no difference, and the have more choices and higher quality ingredients. I haven't ordered pizza from anywhere else since I found this out.

Exceptional Ingredients. Fired in minutes

When you order, just tell them you have a student ID if this applies to you. I was under the impression this only applies to people living in residence. Dear lord, please let me be wrong.

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I thought my friend was lying to me when he told me about it because it sounds like utter bullshit. I've been getting their pizza for years at that price. Used to work at Panago on St. The arguement that "better quality is included in price" is bunk. The fallacy lies in the assumption you make with the higher price, being that you believe it will equal better quality with ingredients, make line work, and general prep. It doesn't, yet the business preys on those who make this assumption.

Pizza Hotline Stone Fired Pizzeria

Often, we make our own pizza at home, especially if we're concerned about the integrity of the ingredients Our Host moved us to a larger table. The food was good though and arrived promptly. Our waitress was capable, but, seemed to forget that we had all finished our glasses or water and did not replenish them. She also did not ask us if we wanted coffee and we had to ask someone else for our bills. Best gf pizza in town with generous topping options that taste. Perhaps the salads are pre cut?! Anyway the shared Greek salad was yummy Nice patio set up. We just prefer the comfort of relaxing sofa chairs.

Noisy and loud house "music". Service professional and friendly. Great atmosphere for a casual night out. Wood fired pizza was quick. We ordered a couple to share and all we great. Friendly staff ready to suggest options and answer any questions about the menu. The wood fired pizza, wine list, prices and decor are fabulous.

These things keep us coming back and we love it. The problem is the menu is quite limited for sides.

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The salads are obviously made with pre-cut lettuce in a bag because you can taste it. If salads were made fresh with house made dressings and a little imagination it would take this restaurant to new heights. This place advertises that their veggies for pizzas are fresh cut daily. A few tweaks would put this on equal playing field with overpriced establishments like Pizzeria Gusto.

I've tried salads 3 times. All were a disappointment. A soup of the day might be nice. I understand the desire to keep things simple but soup and salad? I think you can do better given the quality of the pizza. Mid afternoon business lunch. I was pleasantly surprised. The whole place just recently remodelled.

Cozy booths and large bar area. There are privacy curtains for large groups. The pizza is wood fired and super tasty. So many toppings and combinations to choose from. This is not Pizza Hotline typical fare. The place is great competition to any wood fired offering an will take top honours, in my opinion.

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Service was fast and friendly. Our server offered helpful suggestions. Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.