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Not to mention the authors she spoke with on loops who never ever would have conversed, helped or been friends with Jane the blogger but embraced Jen thd newbie author. The blog and person, who always said they were honest, called for transparency on her blog and endorsed the idea authors needed to understand readers had a right to their opinion. So very hypocritical and taints the rep of her blog. Not only that, but Jane makes a small referral fee from Amazon and Barnes and Noble when readers click through and buy books from her site.

By listing her book on her site as a daily deal, she brought it to the attention of the readership of Dear Author, which numbers in the thousands. Plus it got her name and that of her writing partner into the hands eyes? People love a good deal. Especially romance readers who are involved in the community and read a crapton of books. Trying a new author at a discounted price is always a bonus. We, as a community and readership, know we can go to DA for daily book deals with a personal note attached to help us decide if we want to spend our money on them discounted price tag or not.

Is it the end of the world? Should she be tarred and feathered for it? But she should be held accountable. You had an obligation to your readers as both a blogger and author to disclose your relationships.

This is not an unreasonable expectation. I want to be give the choice to decide for myself whether I want to read the book, or buy the book, or talk about the book, based on all the facts. A lie by omission and all that. The fact is, readers, bloggers and authors feel betrayed by the lie Jane perpetuated. I think the average read: She and I, to use a specific example, have operated in the same circles for near on ten years. Jen and I are also friendly. To find out that these two people are one and the same, after years of interacting separately, is disappointing.

I feel, on a personal level, betrayed by my friend. Do I think she betrayed me on purpose? Hurt that my choices are to play out my awkward humiliation in public or to watch people brush this aside as if this issue was jealous haters mad over pennames. I think readers have the right to 1-star whatever they want and writers have the right not to engage with them. Which is where all of this breaks down. No matter what, I just keep coming back to that. Having your author site linked to from a place that gets as many hits as DA helps your ranking in Google, too.

I have no pony in this race, but I have followed The Passive Voice blog off and on for a few years. The only pro- TPV is is pro-author. But to know that she interacted with other authors without telling them who she was was a little icky.

On Jane of Dear Author Writing as Jen Frederick

And now that Courtney Milan has exposed an even greater possible consequence, things are even worse than I thought. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Ugh, what a mess. If she wants to salvage anything I feel like she has to step away and earn back some trust. In hindsight, I am guilty of a knee jerk reaction too… in the opposite direction. After all of the debating over the last day or so about this on numerous blogs about the implications and ramifications, I do now see your and the others point.

But… my choice of wording was a bit harsh and I brought that on myself. So I undermined my own point and I realize that now. I do apologize for not using more sensitive wording. Thanks for the very thoughtful responses.

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And I leave it to agree to disagree along with a forehead thunk by me for being as loud-mouth and socially awkward on the blogs as I am in real life: I thought I should make it clear, that that was not here. I was projecting a lot of what I was reading on other blogs in my original comment here. Bonehead move on my part, I know. I think seeing things from more than one perspective is what allows us as a society, as individuals, etc to grow, learn and change or not, as the case may be. However, I do feel sorry for the people hurt in the fallout and their feelings being somewhat marginalized.

Her name is in the book credits for Undeclared. Let me be clear, I do not think there was a quid pro quo of any kind, but is there an appearance problem? She just had to mention that she was now writing romance and there may be some conflicts. So for transparency purposes it made sense to get someone else to do it.

And the disclaimer on this interview and giveaway post: Though, for my part, as someone who has a massive fangirl crush on Meljean and has been friendly with her for years online, I doubt there was any quid pro quo either. And then, mentioning that she asked Brie to do the reviews as if an effort to remain ethical.

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Brie, who beta-read the Jen Frederick books that Meljean designed covers for? I certainly feel like she hurt a lot of people in the romance community. I though I read somewhere that Jane is a lawyer. The only thing I can really say I believe is that no matter how much she says it, Jane will not be able to keep her writing career separate from her blog now that the secret is out. Dear Author is on one side and Jen Fredrick is on the other side. The people that are furious and betrayed may never go back to DA.

But there are people out there that are just hurt, but will never trust Jane again. If this were another blogger, it may not bug me as much, but DA makes a point of singling out people in the romance industry who do things like this.

Dear author, do you really have to pay for the - Claudius Therme

I think Jane comes across looking like a huge hypocrite and I am really disappointed. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The fact is, Jane deceived a lot of people. They have the right to be angry about that. Lindsay, I feel the same way. To me, writing books under one name and blogging under another name is just another way to do that. Any author who did review on her blog, she had a disclaimer at the top stating this. It feels a whole lot safer, honestly, and it especially did when I was 16 and first started my blog.

I feel very conflicted about this whole thing, myself. At the time I donated to the DA vs. But I a romance reader now resent being called a sock, or a sock-puppet or whatever other names are being associated with those upset that Jane Litte made the conscious, and conscience, decision to keep secret the fact that she was a published author, and yes, who had a movie deal in the works at the time the DA vs. EC came to light.


But after all the DA vs. I followed multiple social media threads, and there were some strong implications out there that while Jane does indeed have a law degree, she is not a practising lawyer. True or not, I no longer know what to believe. And yes, Jenny, knowing Jane Litte was JF and earning an income regardless of level of those earnings would have made a difference to my decision to contribute. Those are my feelings. I, too, am angry that I am expected to be uncritical, regardless that my reasons for being upset may not make sense to you or others.

You may not agree with me, and that is fine. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Unlike some, however, I am not calling others names or falsely accusing them, because opinions differ from mine. I am not on GR reviewing books—never have been—and neither I have left a review on Amazon. Quite frankly, I take those reviews with a grain of salt. I am a reader who is angry that I am now expected to shut-up, lest I be called names and falsely accused of nefarious deeds by you, other bloggers and authors. I wrote what I think is a pretty even-handed post in comparison to some of the stuff out there.

So my apologies for implying so in my original comment. At the time this kerfuffle broke, my honest response was: I felt cheated, manipulated. Yeah, most certainly, and I do not deny it. But from now on I will be keeping mum on my thoughts on the moral integrity, or lack thereof, within Romanceland.

It was the only part of my post that I was truly frustrated over, so I should have either worded it differently or left out. Either way, sorry my words had that effect on you. Because I knew some would feel the way Suzanne does. I donated to the EC vs DA fund myself. I hated what was happening to authors, editors, and cover artists.

I am a reader. I have a great deal of respect for what authors go through to write a book.

Bestselling Romance Author Barbara Freethy on the business of being an author

This is a reader blog by other readers and this company who is bigger than them are trying to shut them up using scare tactics. I have a problem with that. I still feel very strongly that EC needs to be taken to task, but the non disclosure about Janes role at Dear Author really pissed me off. Starting way back when Jane was into the New Adult thing and basically losing her shit over discussion about a book that people found issue with. Dear Author has a huge readership, not everyone comments there but they are reading and hitting the buy buttons.

Daily Deals, her book was on there. The author who did her covers had review after review because it was a serial and Jane telling everyone who was complaining about the money aspect of 8 parts to get over it. Other blogs knowing who she was and hawking her books at their websites.

Then to go on the podcast with Sarah with her writing partner talking about their series and highlighting it on the blog, because they highlight all the books they discuss in the podcast, is wrong. I believe everyone is entitled to their privacy. This includes authors having various pen names, and their right to keep them secret and separate.

That person is evil. This person is mean. All of those people are horrible. But no one is just one thing. We are all complex humans who are making decisions based on what we know and think is best at the time.

Editorial Reviews

If Jane believed someone was being false, she confronted them. Like she had with author JS Cooper. Jane Litte set herself as an industry watchdog. She created a set of rules, demanded people uphold them and eviscerated anyone who broke them. While she ruthlessly attacked others if they committed sock puppetry or catfished, she was doing the very same thing for two years. Jane is smart and business savvy.

She knew exactly what she was doing when she created Jen Frederick and made the decision to conceal her identity. She knew she was violating her own set of rules and did it anyway. She befriended authors as Jen Frederick with whom she had conflicts with as Jane Litte. She had others vouch for her as Jen Frederick to gain access to private groups where she would have never been welcomed as Jane Litte. She also had conflicts of interests on Dear Author. Jane is a lawyer who has shared her knowledge of the law numerous times on Dear Author.

She knew she created conflicts of interest and did it anyway. Twitter quote from March 27th: But if people knew she was Jane Litte, they would have had the choice to embrace her or reject her as an author. She took that choice away by concealing her Jane Litte identity. I doubt she ever will. Once a liar always a liar. I would call into question her claim that any unused money will be donated, and not go to her personal use. Will she donate any unused money? But how can she be trusted when she acted duplicitously for two years?

Like since I was fifteen.

Dear author, do you really have to pay for the...

I am now I am angry at Jane. She has been a badly behaving author and has offered no apology and I am disappointed. As it is, this whole kerfluffle reminds me of an irritation meltdown I had several years ago, when I read a NY Times editorial by a romance novelist who is also a college professor. It might be human nature to fail to meet that standard, but when you do, people are going to come down on you like a load of bricks.